• Founder, David Riggs, has over a decade of highly successful, award winning projects.

    Nominated for Australian Institute of Architecture Award, City of Adelaide Prize 2020
    St Aloysius College AR Community Mural : Activation of Chancery Lane

    Nominated for Australian Institute of Architecture Award, City of Adelaide People's Choice Award 2020
    St Aloysius College AR Community Mural : Activation of Chancery Lane

    Winner Top 10 Website of the Year - Interactive Media Awards
    The Power of Voting Website : www.riggsdigital.com/power-of-voting : June 2009

    Most acclaimed website at the 32nd AADC Awards in 2009
    The Power of Voting : www.riggsdigital.com/power-of-voting
    Finalist Awards for excellent craftsmanship in multiple categories;
    · for a leading Flash website
    · for leading written communication/copywriting
    · for leading art direction
    · for leading photography/online medium
    · for a leading kiosk/touch screen
    Developed for Groundhog Software & Electoral Commission SA

    AIMIA SA - President's Award for Master Craftsmanship
    The Power of Voting Website : www.riggsdigital.com/power-of-voting : March 2009

    Interactive Media Awards - Best in Class - Education
    The Power of Voting Website : www.riggsdigital.com/power-of-voting : 2008

    Adobe|Macromedia Site of the Day - Asia Pacific Showcase
    Jacob’s Creek Screensaver : www.jacobscreek.com/screensaver : 2003

    Adobe|Macromedia Site of the Week - US Global Showcase
    Jacob’s Creek Website : www.jacobscreek.com : 2002

    Screentime International Gallery - Spotlight Screensaver
    Jacob’s Creek Screensaver : www.jacobscreek.com.au/screensaver : 2002

    Adobe|Macromedia Site of the Day - Asia Pacific Showcase
    Jacob’s Creek Screensaver : www.jacobscreek.com.au/screensaver : 2001

    Adobe|Macromedia - Spotlight of Australian Roadshow
    Jacob’s Creek Website : www.jacobscreek.com.au : 2000

    Adobe|Macromedia Site of the Week - US Global Showcase
    Jacob’s Creek Website : www.jacobscreek.com.au : 1999

    Australian Government Innovation Award
    TIMBER ecommerce project : 1996

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  • Welcome to Riggs Digital.
    Here you can experience remarkable, high-impact projects that win the hearts and minds of target audiences.

    A critical question:
    Do you want your audience falling in love with your brand and what you provide?

    How we achieve this is purposefully unique to each organisation and each project.

    Some examples as you scroll below:

    A campus becomes a lighthouse
    St Aloysius College felt their campus was invisible and undiscovered in the city. They engaged Riggs Digital for our innovation to turn this around. Their campus along Chancery Lane is now famous as a living gallery, unique in the world, that powerfully reflects their education, their empowerment of students, their beautiful core values and ever-strong community.

    Some of the media attention across Australia:
    Melbourne’s Herald Sun - Australia’s most read newspaper
    Adelaide’s Advertiser

    St Aloysius is all about students and their community, so instead of doing this project alone we empowered the students, engaged the community and worked behind these remarkable people.

    Take a moment to be inspired as these young leaders share their vision at:

    The power of compelling branding
    Part of our rebrand for St Aloysius College included a signature video. Now how often do viewers stop to get excited about a school ad? What would it take to make a teenager and their parents ‘fall in love’ with a school and generate the goodwill to enrol?
    Some would say Magic is required.
    Riggs Digital kind of magic.

    Our client’s competitors invested in branding videos that garnered a few thousand views. Imagine a school video compelling enough for 1.6 Million views?

    Every moment, every message, every emotion perfectly crafted to make them fall in love with a remarkable school.

    Workshops, specialist coaching of students, difficult locations… we do whatever it takes.

    Students and parents came across the video and said they were compelled to enrol.

    Typically viewing time is measured in seconds as today’s viewers skip. By contrast the average viewing time across all 1.6 Million views is a remarkable 80% of video length at almost 2 minutes.

    See it for yourself »

    Don't miss one of SA's finest websites.
    Delivering potent communication, David Riggs' Power of Voting website stole the most acclaim at SA's prestigious AADC awards, May 2009, and in the US won IMA's highest award as a global Top 10 Website of the Year!

    Winning the IMA Top 10 Website of the Year put this project on par with some of the world's finest web work for Porsche, VW and the National Museum of American History.

    The project challenge: How do you engage hard-to-reach school students and young adults in such dull topics as the parliamentary process, voting & democracy?
    Take a look and see why students sit glued to this educational masterpiece.

    Drag the arrows to scroll down and learn more about our highly awarded work.

    In addition to powerful communication, Riggs Digital works with medium to large organisations to plan and deliver highly effective business systems.

    When clients approach Riggs Digital we often hear of previous projects that had failed to return the results hoped for.

    In addition to quality development, clients seek Riggs Digital for our unique planning and design process where we work with you to envisage and refine a prototype that has everything you and stakeholders require - before we build it.
    The resulting system is therefore attractive, easy to use, reflects your needs and is a clear success with users.

    An extensive system that is attractive and easy-to-use and has empowered ORS and their client organisations & councils to meet a range of mandatory reporting, contact and communication needs.

    Aimed at Mums & Dads who run sporting clubs, Riggs Digital transformed an otherwise complex club development program into a unique interactive system. Feedback has been consistently excellent with the system engaging well over 2,000 clubs.

    An elegant website for St Aloysius College, the city school for girls. Awarded for the custom photography, interactive virtual tour & news panels integrated into the home page, responsive layout for mobile, tablet and desktop viewing and robust content management via Drupal for easy maintenance by SAC staff.

    A volunteer management and planning tool. Awarded for design, content, interactive features and a custom action plan users can develop and share.

    Riggs Digital manages the super popular website for the Royal Adelaide Show and provides a custom Showbag & Rides Wishlist application which scales to 1,000,000s of views during the September period. Riggs Digital also provides RA&HS with social media and strategic advice.
    Content for this site is client managed via the Centric Minds CMS product.

    Client managed via the Centric Minds CMS product.

    The Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of SA Inc. Client managed via the Centric Minds CMS product

    Redeveloped for NT Government, this website has transformed an otherwise complex club development program into an easy-to-use, interactive system.

    Our STARservice website helps SA organisations achieve service levels of excellence. Fittingly our efforts in developing this resource earned a DCSI award for service excellence.

    A vibrant, informative website developed on Drupal which allows ORS staff the ability to easily edit and manage content.

    The following projects were developed through Groundhog Software, where David Riggs of Riggs Digital has provided a range of services including creative direction, planning, development, media and SEO specialisation.

    Graphic design has been by Mihart Design, Wayne Psaila and others.

    Client managed via the Centric Minds CMS product.

    Meeting stringent accessibility standards.
    Custom interactive features that work across multiple browsers & iPad.

    Client managed via the Centric Minds CMS product.

    US IMA Award in the category of Photography Websites.
    Client managed via the Centric Minds CMS product.

    Client managed via the Centric Minds CMS product.

    Meeting stringent accessibility standards.

    Archive of the global website for Australia’s leading wine brand.
    Client maintained via custom admin screens built on PHP/MySQL.

    Since 1999, David Riggs has created award winning work and enjoyed a strong partnership with Jacob’s Creek through three website redesigns.
    For two years leading up to October 2008, David Riggs white hat SEO expertise put Jacob's Creek securely at the top of Google’s front page for Australian Wine related search terms, attracting 1000s of potentially new visitors to the brand each year.

    Client managed via Adobe Contribute & Dreamweaver.

    An extranet for Lifeplan's business partners.



    Each of Bianco's 11 divisions were placed on page 1 of Google for their respective markets: 'building machinery', 'construction supplies', 'safety supplies', 'sakai compaction', 'diamond tools' ... achieving significant sales and outperforming ROI on other sales channels.

    Placed on page 1 of Google for "adelaide lawyers" since 2004, achieving excellent business leads and ROI.


    The following projects were developed in partnership with Mihart Design.

    Exemplifying the client's reputation this progressive, forward thinking site features high impact draggable content.





  • What began as a digital service in the early 2000s delivering world-first and world-class online projects for leading brands, grew to provide a richer user experience including the transformation of physical spaces with physical and digital content.

    You might be:
    · Managing an enterprise that is looking for considerable growth or greater effectiveness.
    · Looking for a fabulous online presence to communicate an important message.

    If you're keen to team up with a leader in the online world, Riggs Digital makes an excellent choice.

    David Riggs, founder of Riggs Digital, has over a decade of experience delivering powerful solutions across marketing, web and IT, having garnered multiple awards for results that have led the industry.

    A hallmark of Riggs Digital is to get in tune with your thinking, then build on this with a wealth of creative collaboration and potent insight. Judging by the proven track record, your project will aim to be innovative, relevant and remarkable!

    The results will likely position you head and shoulders above alternatives.

    In summary, clients view a Riggs Digital project as:
    · Positioning them out from the crowd with world class standards.
    · Engaging for their customers.
    · Highly effective against the target outcomes.
    · A solid investment with strong returns.
    · An enjoyable, educational journey.

    Contact Riggs Digital and secure your own successes.

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